How SpeechGeek NSDA Compliant Digital Editions Work

The following page explains how our digital editions work. Please read these instructions carefully for access to and instructions regarding our NFL Compliant editions.


SpeechGeek is pleased to offer coaches and competitors access to our literature for oral interpretation events in both print and digital formats.   Literature may be purchased online at SpeechGeek Market.

Purchasing Online

SpeechGeek offers scripts in digital only format at lower prices because of the lack of printing and fulfillment costs.  All orders for print editions include digital versions at no additional cost.  Beginning in mid-June 2012, all digital editions are available in both high resolution PDF files for individual user printing and web-based digital editions compliant with the National Forensic League’s new policy on digital literature.  Purchase of the digital editions include both the PDF and NSDA compliant versions.

Downloading Your Purchase

Digital Download Page for Your Purchase

Digital Download Page for Your Purchase

Once a purchase has been made at SpeechGeek Market, you will receive an email with download instructions for the product. Near-instant delivery of our products is handled through Fetch.  Customers will receive an email with the subject line “Downloads for SpeechGeek Market Order ####.”  While the majority of orders are delivered in a matter of minutes, some orders take up to an hour for delivery.  If you have not received your product after an hour, please send us an email.  Because school email systems can be particularly sensitive to outside message or those with links, please ensure messages from are not filtered as spam.

Each interp script issue or package has two types of files associated with the product: the high resolution PDF for printing and a PNG image file containing the password to access the NSDA compliant edition page.  Please download both files for storage in a safe place.  The SpeechGeek Market download page is activate for two months or fifteen downloads, whichever comes first.

Sample Password File

Once you have downloaded the password file, please open it with your choice of program.  We recommend using Photo Viewer on Windows computers and Preview on Macs.

Accessing The NSDA Compliant Editions

Enter the product password here.

Visit our NSDA Compliance page for a directory of all available issues.  Find the title of the issue you purchased and and click the link associated with that issue.  This will take you to the password page for that product.  Enter the password found in the image file from your download page.  The password is case sensitive, so please take note of capital and lowercase letters.

Print The Online Edition for Verification

Upon successful entry of the password, you will arrive at the issue page.  Per the NSDA policy on Interpretation: Online Publishing Sources,  students/coaches will need to bring the following items to the District Tournament and submit them to the NFL upon student entry to the NSDA National Tournament.

Print the pages on which the script appears. We recommend printing the entire issue.

A. Manuscript items to be printed directly from the screen:

  1. The first page in the website (the home page).
  2. All other links pages needed to navigate to the literary text selected for competition shall be printed out and the link must be highlighted in the manuscript.
  3. All web pages upon which the cutting appears.

B. Each page must have printed in the header and/or footer:

  1. Date the page was printed.
  2. Web address.

The printed version to present to NFL officials for verification looks like this.

C. Only the printed manuscript shall be considered adequate proof of authenticity. In other words, the student or coach must provide printed pages or an identical copy for examination.

D. The highlighted manuscript submitted for material verification will follow the same rules designated for printed and published material.

E. The website and online version of the digital publication needs to be available for comparison if challenged. Online access is the fundamental responsibility of the District Committee and/or individual filing the protest. NOTE: If the committee cannot gain online access and the above requirements have been met, the piece is to be considered legal for use.


As the NSDA has noted, the organization is being cautious in how they take these first steps in allowing digital literature.  We are greatly pleased to be a part of that initial process.  As we further refine our offerings, we appreciate your feedback on these instructions.  Please send messages to

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