Don't Hate, Forensicate.

Welcome to SpeechGeek, the web’s best source for quality forensic and performance material. Our philosophy is why waste time pouring over material when we can help you find quality selections in less time. Spend your time performing and polishing!

Our material is written by experienced forensicators who know what wins. Our selections are fresh and offer various experiences and styles for the broad range of performers out there. Each issue of SpeechGeek includes five scripts.

SpeechGeek is published under the International Serial Standard Number 1545-9209, thus considered “published” by the National Forensic League, Catholic Forensic League, and state organizations. Any questions concerning the company can be sent to the publisher.

SpeechGeek began as a hypothetical conversation at the conclusion of the NFA national tournament in 2003. It was one of those quirky “what if” scenarios. What if we started a website that sought to provide the high school forensic community with the best possible material. I am happy to say that “what if” has been a realty now for over six years.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at thegeek@speechgeek.com

Corey Alderdice, Publisher

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